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This is an image of three different clients and how we are able to provide combinations of various printing and binding techniques to meet their needs. The top book is for William Poole Designs. Mr. Poole is home designer, well known for his ability to take loved designs from the past and merge them into modern day contemporary layouts that fit the needs of todays home builders and Buyers. This particular line is his “Getaways” set which include layouts and descriptions of homes one might look to build as a retreat. Structures from a updates log cabin to a cape cod beach retreat. Mr. Poole has been a valued customer of ours for over 30 years.

The booklet beneath the Poole piece is a run we did for Downtown Raleigh Alliance. It is a yearly piece we do to help them promote the downtown areas. This book may go out to visiting dignitaries to showcase what Raleigh has to offer as a destination for travel and business exposition purposes. It may go out to chamber of commerces across the nation as a means to bring business to the area. It is a wire bound book with a full wrap around cover.
The next set of books are from our client Motheread which is an organization that specializes in teaching early reading skills to infants and children. It is a series of books that act as a guide or reading log for parents and teachers to help introduce kids to reading and help parents ask questions to foster good reading habits. Although these are often run in small amounts. The client has been with us for over a decade and has come to rely on our ability to provide them a quality product. These books are an example of our digital printing capabilities and the binding is our own plastic binding material in which the coil is plastic and comes in many colors to choose from.

Project Details:

Bindery , Booklets , Brochures