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Customer Service Resources

At Joseph C. Woodard Printing Company, our goal is to simplify the process of designing and ordering print. Here you will find helpful resources you can use to design your product, check its print compatibility and more. Feel free to bookmark our page and check back often for new tools. There are many resources available to designers interested in understanding design as it relates specifically to print.

Design Resources

Pocket Pal®, the authoritative introduction to the graphic arts, is now in its 20th edition. Acclaimed by industry experts as the best book of its type, Pocket Pal® is the ideal choice for students, artists, designers, printers, publishers, advertisers, buyers of printing and virtually anyone associated with visual communications.

Ed™ is a continuing education series sponsored by NewPage. Ed is here to help you understand the amazing things you can do with paper, and how to improve the work you do with it.

Smashing Magazine’s The Ultimate Round-up of Print Design Tutorials provides 25 of the top print design tutorials in one location.

Software Tutorials and Education

Through Adobe Training Services, you can also become an Adobe Certified Expert which gives you a comprehensive base of knowledge in design as it relates to print. is an excellent resource for software training in design and print as well as office software. It is an industry standard for training and tutorials featuring well-respected professionals from around the globe.


Download our prepress checklist to pre-flight your documents before sending out to print. This valuable resource will alert you to common pitfalls and mistakes made by designers.